I was miles and miles away from my family while working on this project. I have done this in collaboration with my mum, nan and pops. Today all the people that took part into the project, except for me, are passed away. "Pasta Shrine" is an attempt to freeze some family moment and use the video media as a posterity's keepsake. While mom was rolling the clips at my grandparent's house in Italy, I was making a pasta-shrine installation in Australia, as a way of projection into the future, thinking about the day, that was yet to arrive but also inevitable to at some point, where the people that took part to the project would no longer be part of this world. A Shrine is a sacred and holy place dedicated to a specific deity or ancestor, at which they are venerated and worshipped. My PastaShrine is the transposition in place and time of this feelings of veneration and worship that revolve around the concept of family and the loved ones.
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