The Silent Room

The images in this series are intended to depict the devastating moment of recognition and realisation that one has been living life by society’s expectations. The concept is expressed through diptychs pairing dolls faces with ‘broken’ women.

Dolls are a potent symbol and encapsulate the stereotypes of the feminine acting as devices that relay these manipulative values to the susceptible children .

The work represents the reversal of the process when the female becomes aware of the roles they have unwittingly adopted, the point where the woman has been remade in the dolls image.

I wish I will remember

I was in Northern Italy while shooting my series ‘I wish I will remember’. I went there during mid semester break in June this year.  I have been away for so long from the convivial family moments that are an integral part of Italian family culture. This series is an attempt to express the feelings aroused by the overwhelming hospitality I have found there.

The leftovers depicted were part of the meals I’ve had there with siblings;  the residual memoirs; vestiges of sensations, thoughts, and words from these intimate family encounters. Mementos of something that I can choose to either discard or keep inside and contemplate. I forgot how it was before and now I wish I will remember.

Of shapes and emptiness

The aim of this series is to highlight the tensions that occur when conflicting emotions take over your life.
Moving from Europe to Tasmania was certainly an enormous change of life for me; the series 'of shapes and emptiness' is a way of visually expressing the difficulties encountered while undergoing such a radical change.
I recorded traces of this part of my existence by photographing visible elements in my neighborhood here in Hobart, as an attempt to subvert the boundaries between tangible and immaterial, sorrow and cheerfulness, belonging and disconnection, memory and present moment.

Another Leftover

Leftovers are something that we don’t usually observe, it is more usual to us to abandon them,or just forget about them before going to bed and remembering about them the following morning, when we through them away. The series instantly transmits the sense of narration,the sequence of different leftovers ,something that is not an isolated act but instead something that is repeated over and over again. What is perceived is that leftovers are part of the common life of each individual.